Are you overpaying for IT support?

We know you are. What if we included great customer service with affordable solutions? At Mr. Geek we simply make technology work with a smile (almost like magic).

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is fancy industry talk for technology support and management. This includes making sure your information is secure and backed up. It also means we make your technology work. If it breaks we fix it. Simple. No elitist techno-jargon or long explanations–just a technology solution service you can trust.

Are you ready to stop burning money on over-priced and outsourced Managed Services/IT Support? We’re ready to help!

We know that we don’t have the fanciest website. Frankly speaking, we’d prefer to rely on referrals from our customers and spend that money on ensuring client satisfaction. Call Mr. Geek today and find out why our clients love us!

Who Is Mr Geek?