Mr Geek is… Joshua Eversole!

Joshua Eversole has been Mr Geek pretty much his entire life. His passions include Right to Repair, reading, camping, gaming and building models of different mechs from all of his favorite childhood anime and movies.

Joshua started in business when he opened Mr Geek in Aloha, Oregon in 2013. He focused on smartphone and tablet repair, specializing in recovering lost memories for clients and performing screen replacements at competitive pricing. Joshua believes that everyone has the right to own their property in the form of supporting Right to Repair.

Mr Geek was reborn as Original Mr Geek in January 2023 as an MSP (Managed Service Provider) and specializes in providing IT support services to individuals and local business including remote support, online security, data retention, compliance monitoring and network management.

What is Right to Repair?

Right to Repair is the belief that when a person buys a product they also have a right to fix that product and/or determine where, by whom and in what manner the repair is undertaken. Right to Repair asserts “you don’t own it if you can’t fix it.” An absolutely fantastic source of information about Right to Repair can be found on the website.